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Mastering The Reading Section For The TOEFL IBT Books Pdf File

Mastering the Reading Section for the TOEFL iBT: Third EditionBOOK DETAILFile Size: 937 KB Print Length: 260 pages Publication Date: April 13, 2020 Sold by: Services LLCLanguage: English ASIN: B08742XGJS Text-to-Speech: Enabled X-Ray: Not EnabledBook DescriptionThe reading section of the TOEFL is very challenging. It is full of traps that can trick even native speakers! Have you everwondered what these traps are, and how to avoid them? Are you looking for strategies to use for each question type? If so,this book is for you. UPDATED FOR THE NEW TOEFL FORMAT.

Mastering The Reading Section For The TOEFL IBT Books Pdf File

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So you can focus on understanding what you read and mastering each question type. Not only will practicing short passages help you understand why you got a certain question wrong but it will also allow you to narrow your focus on your reading strengths and weaknesses.

I know it was a lot to digest, but if you want to know more, check out our TOEFL Emergency Course that covers the essentials on not just the reading section, but every aspect of the TOEFL.

This unique approach to practicing the TOEFL Reading section is designed to help you improve your reading skills and speed. But if you want to know how to use these TOEFL Reading practice questions with answers to improve your reading score, here are five easy steps to follow.

If you have done some TOEFL Reading practice tests already, then you know that time management is an issue for the reading section. Few people can read the entire passage and answer all of the questions in a given passage in less than 18 minutes.

Failing to review your answers is just one of many mistakes students make when preparing for the reading section of the TOEFL. You can check out the five most common TOEFL Reading mistakes and how to avoid them below.

Hello Josh, I appeared for my TOEFL exam a few days back, and I scored pretty great marks in almost all sections except reading where I only got 14/30. I have to reappear for the exam again in 20 days. The problem I was facing while going through the section was that I was unable to find proper answers as the font and word spacing were pretty unnatural and very uncomfortable to the eyes. Can you tell me some source in which I can practice with the same font style?

Hello Josh, I am very grateful for your helpful videos and PDFs. I have found them very helpful already though I have just familiarized myself with them for a few days. I have 2 months to prepare for my TOEFL Test and I have been preparing for a week now. I have also found myself already overwhelmed by the reading section. I found this section very tough. I also try hard every day to master the tips from your materials.

Hi, I have been referring to your videos and tips for toefl preparation. In reading section I am struggling with the summary\organization questions. Do you have any tips on how to approach those questions? I take TOefl in 5 days.

In addition to the 8 full-length practice tests, which you will find in print and online, there are also 8 practice tests designed to be completed in an hour. After completing each practice test, you can find detailed explanations of the correct answers for the reading and listening section in the online material. Sample responses to questions on the speaking and writing sections of the practice test are also provided in the online material.

When we compared the practice tests in this book to an actual TOEFL iBT test, we found that the passages on the reading section were slightly easier to read than those on the real test. Another flaw we found was that the format of the questions on the integrated speaking tasks were sometimes different from those on the real test. So, for best results we recommend you review practice questions from ETS in addition to this book.

Besides the authentic practice tests that this book has to offer, ETS does a great job of presenting an overview of the TOEFL iBT for complete beginners. They also provide a detailed breakdown of the different types of multiple choice questions you will see on the reading and listening sections of the test. As well as describing the format of the independent and integrated tasks on the speaking and writing sections.

A major weakness of the The Official Guide to The TOEFL iBT is that it lacks effective test taking strategies, especially for the speaking and writing sections. Unfortunately, this is usually where most test takers struggle. ETS seems to take the stance that success on the TOEFL depends entirely on mastering the use of English in an academic environment and not by mastering test taking strategies.

Where this book dominates others is how well the online practice tests mimic the real TOEFL iBT condition. Every practice test automatically begins with the reading and listening section, followed by a 10 minute break, and then the speaking and writing section. With other online TOEFL practice tests, you'll need to return to a main menu to begin another section of the same test.

A cool feature of the book is that upon completing a practice test, you will receive a performance summary for the reading and listening section. This performance summary will show you how well you answered the different question types on the reading and listening section. In addition, you can see how much time you spent answering each question on the practice test. These features provide an excellent way to quantitatively measure your strong and weak areas.

A minor flaw we found with this book is that the video lectures are not updated for the revised TOEFL iBT launched in 2019. For example, the lecture slides state that the reading sections contains 12 - 14 questions per passage and the speaking section has two independent tasks. Nevertheless, the updated information is found in print.

At the end of each mini lesson, you will answer vocabulary-in-context questions that use the words you learned in the lesson. The format of these vocabulary questions are the same as those you will find on the TOEFL iBT reading section.

Although this book is great for building your vocabulary, it does not teach you the pronunciation of each word. So, while the vocabulary lessons in this book might prepare you for the reading and writing section, it won't prepare you for the speaking section.

We found the content in this book to be very thin, with only 24 pages dedicated to mastering the 4 sections of the TOEFL iBT. Most of the strategies in this book - albeit very few to begin with - are either misleading or very generic at best.

ETS offers TOEFL iBT Quick Prep, a tool that provides questions from previous TOEFL examinations. A free resource, there are four volumes of Quick Prep available. Each volume includes questions for each section of the test: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Volumes one and two include transcripts of the audio portion of the listening, writing and speaking sections of the examination. Volumes three and four include embedded MP3 files in the downloadable PDF.

The first section that you come across in the TOEFL Exam is the Reading Section. If the reading section is solved well, you will enter a comfortable zone and feel more at ease knowing that you have set the right tone from the first section itself.

Ans. TOEFL Reading is not hard but it consists of some tricky questions. One can solve this section effectively, if they have prepared well and practiced a good amount of TOEFL Reading Practice Tests. Moreover, dedicatedly work on the techniques and strategies you would use to solve each question during the exam and be confident enough with your English reading skills and pace.

Ans. In reading comprehension, there are passages from University-level textbooks that cover academic related topics. Majorly, the passages are the introductory topic or discipline taken from the University-level textbooks.

Course Objective: Participants will be able to help students aggrandize the amount of vocabulary through reading books aloud and be able to apply vocabulary teaching strategies with combining and implementing retelling and drama.


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