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How to Sing Along to Mujhe Is Duniya Me Laya Mujhe Bolna Chalna Sikhaya: A Guide to the Lyrics and Meaning of the Song

Mujhe Is Duniya Me Laya Mujhe Bolna Chalna Sikhaya: A Heartfelt Tribute to Parents

Have you ever wondered how much your parents have done for you? Have you ever thanked them for bringing you into this world and teaching you how to speak and walk? Have you ever expressed your love and respect for them?

mujhe is duniya me laya mujhe bolna chalna sikhaya song lyrics

If you are looking for a song that captures these sentiments perfectly, then you should listen to Mujhe Is Duniya Me Laya Mujhe Bolna Chalna Sikhaya (You brought me into this world and taught me how to speak and walk). This is a beautiful song that pays homage to parents and their sacrifices for their children.

In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of this song, its lyrics analysis, its cultural context, and its music review. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about this song at the end.


Mujhe Is Duniya Me Laya Mujhe Bolna Chalna Sikhaya is a Hindi song that was sung by Daya Shankar Pandey in 1990. It was part of a devotional album called Maa Baap Ki Sewa (Service to Parents), which featured songs dedicated to honoring parents and elders.

The song is popular and meaningful because it expresses gratitude and respect to parents for their unconditional love and care. It also reminds us of our duty and responsibility to serve our parents and make them proud. The song appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds who value their parents and want to show appreciation for them.

Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics of Mujhe Is Duniya Me Laya Mujhe Bolna Chalna Sikhaya are simple yet profound. They convey the main themes and messages of the song, which are:

  • Parents are our first teachers who teach us everything from speaking to walking.

  • Parents are our protectors who shield us from harm and comfort us in times of distress.

  • Parents are our providers who give us everything we need without expecting anything in return.

  • Parents are our role models who guide us on how to live a righteous and honorable life.

  • Parents are our gods who deserve our utmost respect and devotion.

The singer expresses gratitude and respect to his parents by saying:

Mujhe is duniya mein laya

Mujhe bolna chalna sikhaya

O maat pita tumhe vandan

Maine kismat se tumhe paya

(You brought me into this world

You taught me how to speak and walk

O mother father I salute you

I got you by luck)

The singer also acknowledges his parents' contributions to his life by saying:

Main uthakar sar chal pau

Is layak tumne kiya hai

Kahi hath nahi failaun

Mujhe tumne itna diya hai

(You made me capable of walking with my head held high

You gave me so much that I never have to beg anywhere)

The singer also vows to never hurt or disappoint his parents by saying:

Maa baap ki ankhon se mein

Aanshu banke na girunga

Maa baap ka dil jo dukha de

Main aisa kuchh na karunga

(I will never make tears fall from my parents' eyes

I will never do anything that hurts my parents' heart)

The singer uses some poetic devices and figures of speech in his lyrics, such as:

  • Alliteration: The repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words, such as mujhe, mein, maa, maat, etc.

  • Anaphora: The repetition of words or phrases at the beginning of successive lines or sentences, such as mujhe is duniya mein laya, mujhe bolna chalna sikhaya, etc.

  • Rhyme: The correspondence of sound between words or endings of words, such as laya, sikhaya, vandan, paya, etc.

  • Simile: A comparison using like or as, such as maa baap ke roop mein maine bhagwan ko jaise paya (I found god in my parents' form).

Metaphor: A comparison without using like or as, such as mujhe jag ki reet sikhai mujhe dharm ka path padhaya (You taught me the ways of tribute to parents?

  • Some other songs that pay tribute to parents are:

  • Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

  • Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler

  • Song for Dad by Keith Urban

  • I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

  • The Mother by Brandi Carlile

How can I show appreciation to my parents in my daily life?

  • Some ways to show appreciation to your parents in your daily life are:

  • Tell them you love them and thank them for what they do for you.

  • Listen to them and respect their opinions and advice.

  • Help them with household chores and errands.

  • Spend quality time with them and share your joys and sorrows.

  • Give them thoughtful gifts or cards on special occasions or just because.


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