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Pack 1455.rar ((INSTALL))

To remove the LCU after installing the combined SSU and LCU package, use the DISM/Remove-Package command line option with the LCU package name as the argument. You can find the package name by using this command: DISM /online /get-packages.

pack 1455.rar

Running Windows Update Standalone Installer (wusa.exe) with the /uninstall switch on the combined package will not work because the combined package contains the SSU. You cannot remove the SSU from the system after installation.

No matter what level of kit you order, all parts are carefully packaged and clearly marked for easy storage and subsequent assembly by the builder. Each build stage supplied is 100% complete containing every last nut and bolt required to complete that section which makes the build extremely straightforward.

What's more, because of its mid-mounted location behind the driver and in front of the rear wheels the mass of the engine is ideally placed in the car - providing optimum weight distribution for top-flight handling and road holding and where power can be delivered to the road cleanly and with the minimum of fuss. This is a package that delivers at every level.

Your Ultima supercar kit is delivered with the immaculate market leading showroom standard gel coat finish bodywork assembled loosely on the chassis prior to being expertly packed, crated and secured into a steel shipping container by our experienced team at the factory. 041b061a72


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