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Ciber Boss 4.9 Con 137

The ZOMG appears as a boss in level 82, but only exclusive to BSM2 Mobile. It is menacing, modified, and has 80,000 health, containing 60 Green Bloons, 20 Black Bloons, and 10 Ceramic Bloons in its main body. In addition, it has two magnets attached to its sides which will pull in and destroy most projectiles, and a second after the boss is destroyed, these magnets, along with its two girders on each side connecting the magnets, release 20 Green Bloons, 10 Black Bloons, and 5 Ceramic Bloons each, for a total of an additional 120 green, 60 black, and 30 ceramic bloons. In total, the ZOMG releases 180 Green Bloons, 80 Black Bloons, and 40 Ceramic Bloons.

ciber boss 4.9 con 137


It only appears on Level 10 in certain Adventure events or on certain spaces in Party Crashers events where it features in as a boss fight. After every shot, it will spawn waves of various bloon types, from red to ceramic, even including regrow, camo, fortified, and shielded properties, it also sometimes creates obstacles and hazards, all while progressively getting harder as its health depletes. After about 6000 points of damage, the ZOMG retreats. Unlike most bloons, the ZOMG consumes the whole bottom half space floating vertically, which prevents most projectiles from expiring at the bottom of the screen.

Every Crusade encounter consists of 4 monsters and 1 boss, all of them having a chance to drop Cards and Tinkering materials. Once a Crusade is beaten, it may be exited which automatically increases its difficulty or it may be replayed again at the same difficulty for more loot and EXP. However, the difficulty can be changed at any time on the bottom left of the screen, which is sometimes necessary to obtain specific loot materials for crafting Tinkering equipment.

Each idle Crusaders generates 12 victories per day (or 1 every 2 hours), which award resources and EXP from the selected boss difficulty. Applying more Crusaders additively increases the rate these rewards are obtained, and therefore award additional resources.


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