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Saved By The Bell Chick Gets Fucked UPDATED

Running away from the demon, the couple runs into Andrew and John and the group hides in the church together. Inside the church, Taylor and Daniel are grabbed by David and they see his accusations. Then during the second flashback, she and John guarded the entrance below. Climbing the bell tower and seeing the demon, she panics and offers to leave, but Andrew stops her, believing that the church will protect them. Regardless, they are ambushed by the demons, after which Taylor starts running after Andrew, but loses him. Taylor will encounter her demon if she goes left, in which she can be saved or killed. If Taylor survives, she and the others flee into the woods.

saved by the bell chick gets fucked

We cut to 8 P.M and it was nightime, Michael gets a phone call. Michael picks up the phone thinking that it was Leslie. Michael said "Hi sis" Out of nowhere it was an anynonumous phone call and it was Ghostface! Ghostface replied in a saracastic response "Hi brother, haha thought I was Leslie right Michael?" Michael stoof frozen and said "I've killed you're fucking ass, No goddamn way you're still alive!" Ghostface replied "Oh yeah son, You better believe it. I'm still alive and well." Michael respond "What do you want from me?" Ghostface respond "This is your second round buddy! You know you movie reboot of Stab succeed due to the remake being more diverse than the original movies and come to find out the Stab remake made up to $3 billion Dollars in the box office." Michael replies to Ghostface being bold back to him. "Oh man that's amazing, say how about we make a sequel where I really kick your ass!" Ghostface response "Haha wow Michael I have to say you have such away with humor for a final boy. I'm starting to like this switch up of having a final boy instead." Michael respond "Fuck you, you sick bastard!" Before Michael hangs up the phone Ghostface respond to Michael and said "Why won't you go fuck yourself in the ass just like how Jay fucked you." Michael sood still and frozen. Ghostface adds, "Oh yes my dear friend. I know but this is between you and me kido. But I knew your childhood was very deep." Michael hangs up the phone and begans to cry quietly and sheds tears as he sneaks in the bedroom while Chad is sleeping heavy in bed. Smash to Black.

We open up to Chad, Blaine, Matt, Vera, and Michael at lunchtime. Chad ask "You know Michael you really haven't been talking too much today lately. Also you haven't touched your breakfast this morning neither! But you must have been hungry when you ate you lunch and you ate it pretty fast! Is everything alright Michael?" Michael breaks down and replies to Chad and said " Chad remember the murders that happen in my High School? Well it's happening again!" Chad tells Michael "Hey Mike that happened in you High School dude. It might just be a copycat." Michael replied "That's it man! It's not only a copycat but it continues with me! At somepoint I had this gut feeling that it wasn't over when I found out my ex in High School was the killer!" Matt joins on the converstation "Holy shit! I knew that happen but dude I had no idea that it was your girlfriend from High School! That's fucked up!" Michael respond and said "I know." Blaine gets flashbacks in his mind about Deborah being the killer and Megan getting stabbed by a Machete. Blaine out of nowhere just yelled "Shut up! I don't wanna hear it!" and begans to cry. Michael hugs Blaine comforts him. Vera steps in on the conversation and said "Don't worry babe I'm not a killer." Trying to make everyone laugh and everyone did including Blaine with his face full of tears.

We open up to the next morning. Michael had to sleep in a different room because his room was banned due to the crime scene and how gruesome the death was. The doorway blocked with the Caution tape due to the crime scene as well. We now move on to Michael entering the School and meeting Denise. When Denise and Michael first saw each other they both hugged and Denise even shed a little tear. Denise told Michael how sorry she was. Michael replied "I wish it was me damnit!" Denise replied "Michael no! You don't deserve that, and definetly Blaine didn't deserve that!" Michael said "Yeah but why do I deserve this damn life?! Huh, My family and friends get either slaughtered or become a murderer around ever I go? Tell me sheriff, my life is fucked up! I sure as hell don't know how that Sidney Prescott lady could have dealt with this life! I'm surprised that Sidney Prescott stayed sane with everything that has happened to her! If I deal with this one more time, huh I think I'll go out of my damn mind. I wonder if god is punishing me." Denise replied "Michael God is not punishing you! Also you can't let anybody make you weak when you fall down and when things get tough you have to get up and baby, you are a hero and your the final boy of the next gereation of Woodsborro! If Sidney can deal with all of that she is going through so can you!" Michael smerked alittle bit but still bummed out over Blaine's death. "Thanks Denise, but I'm just tired and sick of it all Denise! I loved Blaine. He was like a brother to me." Denise said "I know you guys were close." The bell rang. School had just started the next day.

5 minutes later Michael just walked away from his locker getting his stuff to go back to the Fraternity house. Michael was patient. He walked out of the School and wen't to the Fraternity house. He was going to sleep because was somehow ready and waiting for Ghostface. Suddenly Michael is in luck! Michael gets a phone call and it was Ghostface. Michael was downstairs. Michael answered the phone and said with a smiling desperate face looking at the ID caller it was annoynomous. Michael said "Just the asshole I wanted to talk to. I've been waiting for you." Ghostface replied sarcastically "Jeez Michael that was the nicest and flattering response I've heard from you ever between High School and now College." Michael replied "Listen motherfucker, if you do something to Vera? Just like how you did Blaine and Chad. I will kill you! That isn't a threat, that is a fucking promise! Do you hear me you piece of shit?" Ghostface replied "I guess it was too soon that I've mention about you saying something nice. What if I told you I'll rip Vera's heart just like I did Blaine's and I'll feed it to you and force it in your mouth and you'll suffer from me forcing Vera's heart into you and then I'll take Matt and cut his dick off and stick it in your ass like what your mammy's boyfriend did to you." Michael replied "Let me tell you something fucker, you can make them fucked up sexually harassments and I don't know how the fuck you know about my past which I care less right now and my mother is not no fucking mammy you fucking piece of shit! Look here you want blood from me than come on!" Michael then gets up and remains braver than ever and said "Your nothing but a fucking punk and a danm coward. So make my day by showing yourself fucker!"


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