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A Gaiola Dourada, also known as The Gilded Cage, is a Franco-Portuguese comedy film released in 2013. The film was directed by Ruben Alves, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Hugo Gélin and Jean-André Yerles. The film stars Rita Blanco as Maria Ribeiro, Joaquim de Almeida as José Ribeiro, Roland Giraud as Francis Cailaux and Chantal Lauby as Solange Cailaux. The film is about a Portuguese immigrant couple living in Paris who receive a large inheritance from their homeland and have to decide whether to stay or return. The film was a huge success in Portugal and France, winning several awards and accolades.


The film is divided into three acts:

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Act I

Maria and José Ribeiro are a hard-working and well-liked Portuguese couple who have been living on the ground floor of a Haussmannian building in one of the most exclusive districts of Paris for almost thirty years. Maria is the concierge of the building and José is a construction worker. They have two children: Paula, a law student who wants to be a comedian, and Pedro, a teenager who loves soccer. They are very close to their French neighbors and employers: Francis Cailaux, a wealthy businessman who owns the building; Solange Cailaux, his neurotic wife who runs an art gallery; Charles Cailaux, their rebellious son who works as an architect; Madame Reichert, an elderly widow who lives alone; Mr. Bertrand, a lawyer who has an affair with his secretary; Mr. Zu, a Chinese restaurant owner; Guillaume, a friendly postman; and Lourdes, Maria's best friend who works as a maid.

Act II

One day, José receives a phone call from Portugal informing him that he has inherited a large estate from his late brother. He decides to keep it a secret from Maria until he can verify it. He travels to Portugal with Carlos, his friend and colleague, to see the property. He discovers that he is now the owner of a vineyard, an olive grove, a hotel and several houses. He also meets his long-lost relatives who welcome him warmly. Meanwhile, Maria receives another phone call from Portugal telling her that she has inherited a windmill from her aunt. She decides to tell José about it when he returns.


José returns to Paris with Carlos and tells Maria about their inheritance. They decide to sell everything and move back to Portugal. They announce their decision to their children, who are shocked and reluctant to leave. They also tell their neighbors and employers, who are dismayed and try to convince them to stay. They offer them gifts, promotions, raises and even a trip to Brazil. Maria and José are touched by their gestures, but remain firm on their choice. They organize a farewell party at their apartment, where they invite all their friends and family. They also reveal their secret: they have been married for 40 years, but never had a proper wedding ceremony. They decide to renew their vows in front of everyone, with Francis as the best man and Solange as the maid of honor. The party is a success, but also a tearful goodbye.

The next day, Maria and José pack their bags and get ready to leave. They say goodbye to their neighbors and employers, who wish them all the best. They also say goodbye to their children, who decide to stay in Paris for now. Paula tells them that she has been accepted into a comedy school and Pedro tells them that he has been scouted by a soccer club. Maria and José are proud of them and promise to keep in touch. They board a taxi with Carlos and Lourdes, who are also moving to Portugal with them. As they drive away, they look back at the building where they spent most of their lives, feeling nostalgic but also hopeful for the future.

Cast and characters

Main characters

  • Rita Blanco as Maria Ribeiro, the concierge of the building and José's wife. She is kind, cheerful and devoted to her family and work.

  • Joaquim de Almeida as José Ribeiro, a construction worker and Maria's husband. He is loyal, hard-working and proud of his Portuguese roots.

  • Roland Giraud as Francis Cailaux, the owner of the building and José's boss. He is rich, generous and respectful of his employees.

  • Chantal Lauby as Solange Cailaux, Francis' wife and Maria's employer. She is neurotic, snobbish and obsessed with art.

Supporting characters

  • Barbara Cabrita as Paula Ribeiro, Maria and José's daughter. She is a law student who wants to be a comedian.

  • Alex Alves Pereira as Pedro Ribeiro, Maria and José's son. He is a teenager who loves soccer.

  • Lannick Gautry as Charles Cailaux, Francis and Solange's son. He is an architect who works with José.

  • Nicole Croisille as Madame Reichert, an elderly widow who lives in the building. She is lonely, friendly and fond of Maria.

  • Jacques Boudet as Mr. Bertrand, a lawyer who lives in the building. He is unfaithful, arrogant and rude to Maria.

  • Zinedine Soualem as Mr. Zu, a Chinese restaurant owner who lives in the building. He is funny, helpful and good at cooking.

  • Ruben Alves as Guillaume, a postman who delivers mail to the building. He is charming, cheerful and attracted to Paula.

  • Maria Vieira as Lourdes, Maria's best friend who works as a maid. She is loud, funny and loyal to Maria.

  • Jean-Pierre Martins as Carlos, José's friend and colleague. He is adventurous, optimistic and supportive of José.

  • Catarina Wallenstein as Rita, a fado singer who performs at a Portuguese restaurant in Paris. She is beautiful, talented and mysterious.



The film was conceived and written by Ruben Alves, who was inspired by his parents' life as Portuguese immigrants in France. He wanted to make a comedy that would pay tribute to his culture and community, but also address the issues of identity, integration and belonging that many immigrants face. He co-wrote the screenplay with Hugo Gélin and Jean-André Yerles, who helped him structure the story and develop the characters. He also drew from his own experiences as an actor and director in theater and television.

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  • gaiola dourada youtube video download free Q: Where can I watch or download A Gaiola Dourada for free?

  • A: A Gaiola Dourada is available to stream or download on several platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and iTunes. However, these services may require a subscription or a payment to access the film. You can also try to find the film on some free streaming or torrent sites, but be careful of the legal and security risks involved. The best way to watch the film is to buy or rent a DVD or Blu-ray copy from a reputable source.

  • Q: What does the title A Gaiola Dourada mean?

  • A: The title A Gaiola Dourada literally means "The Golden Cage" in Portuguese. It is a metaphor for the situation of the main characters, who live in a comfortable and privileged environment in Paris, but also feel trapped and unhappy. The title also refers to the inheritance that they receive from Portugal, which offers them a chance to escape their golden cage, but also poses a dilemma for them.

  • Q: Is A Gaiola Dourada based on a true story?

  • A: A Gaiola Dourada is not based on a specific true story, but it is inspired by the director's own life and experiences. Ruben Alves is the son of Portuguese immigrants who moved to France in the 1970s and worked as a concierge and a construction worker. He grew up in a similar environment as the main characters and witnessed their struggles and joys. He also incorporated some elements from his parents' life, such as their secret marriage and their inheritance from Portugal.

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