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Governor Of Poker 2.dmg.rar

How to Download and Play Governor of Poker 2 on Mac

Are you a fan of poker games? Do you want to challenge yourself and become the governor of poker in the Wild West? If yes, then you should try Governor of Poker 2, a premium edition game by AdnanBoy that lets you play poker against realistic opponents and win prestigious tournaments.

However, if you are a Mac user, you might have trouble finding a compatible version of the game online. Most of the downloads are for Windows users only, and some of them might contain viruses or malware. So how can you download and play Governor of Poker 2 on your Mac safely and easily?

Governor of Poker 2.dmg.rar

Download File:

The answer is simple: use, a website that hosts millions of free digital files, including games, books, music, and more. has a copy of Governor of Poker 2 (Premium Edition) that works on Mac OS X. You can download it from [here] without any registration or payment.

But before you download the game, you need to know how to open it on your Mac. The file name is "Governor of Poker 2.dmg.rar", which means it is a compressed file that contains a disk image file. To open it, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install a free software called The Unarchiver from [here]. This software can extract various types of compressed files, including RAR files.

  • Double-click on the downloaded file "Governor of Poker 2.dmg.rar" to launch The Unarchiver. It will ask you where to save the extracted file. Choose a location on your Mac and click OK.

  • The Unarchiver will create a new file called "Governor of Poker 2.dmg" in the location you chose. This is a disk image file that contains the game files.

  • Double-click on the file "Governor of Poker 2.dmg" to mount it as a virtual disk on your Mac. A new window will pop up with the game icon and a folder called "Applications".

  • Drag and drop the game icon to the folder "Applications" to copy the game to your Mac. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the game icon to your desktop or any other location on your Mac.

  • Eject the virtual disk by clicking on the eject button next to its name in the Finder sidebar.

  • Launch the game by double-clicking on its icon in the folder "Applications" or wherever you copied it.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and installed Governor of Poker 2 on your Mac. Now you can enjoy playing poker and conquering the Wild West!


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